Flagyl (Metronidazole)



Diseases caused by protozoal infections are extremely dangerous and severe. They include amoebic dysentery, trichomoniasis, giardiasis, and more. Doctors say that in such cases it is impossible to do without such preparation as Flagyl. Instructions for use of the medication indicate that it has a different release form that allows doctors to use it to treat a huge range of diseases.

Release form and composition

For a start, here are all the release forms of this drug. The first one is gel and cream for external use. The second one is intra-vaginally gel and suppositories, there are also vaginal pills. The third one is the powder for the manufacture of intravenous solution for injection. The fourth one – for oral suspension and pills. All of these forms in various doses are full of the main active ingredient – metronidazole.


Flagyl works in the following way. Its pharmacology effect includes antibacterial, antimicrobial, trichomonas, antiprotozoal, anti-alcohol, anti-ulcer actions. After getting inside the drug of any of its form is rapidly and completely absorbed. Complete absorption occurs in one to three hours, depending on the characteristics of the human body. The drug penetrates well into tissue and is mixed with the liquid medium, giving the antibacterial effect to saliva, vaginal secretions, seminal fluid, etc. Besides that, the drug has antiprotozoal and antimicrobial activity. It is effective against anaerobic gram-negative microorganisms, gram-positive rods and cocci. One of the most important functions of the drug is trichomonas impact. In case of the appointment together with Amoxicillin, it is considered the most effective against trichomoniasis. It is also prescribed to people suffering from chronic alcoholism. The drug can cause antabuse syndrome, that is, aversion to alcohol.


The dosage differs depending on the method of reception – inside, intravenously, intra-vaginally or topically. A detailed scheme is being developed by a doctor. It is often used not one but two dosage forms. However, the instruction for use indicates the maximum daily dose for all kinds of medicines for adults to 2 grams, for children older than 10 years – 500 mg. The course of treatment is about 10 days.

Due to the wide range of product forms doctors prescribe Flagyl for protozoal infections. It is also used in case of extraintestinal amoebiasis, Trichomonas vaginitis and urethritis, trichomoniasis. It is equally important to note that the drug is indicated for people suffering from infections of the musculoskeletal system. This applies to infectious lesions of the central nervous system, including meningitis. Brain abscess and lung pneumonia, bacterial endocarditis, empyema, sepsis are also indications for the use Flagyl. The instructions for use indicates that the drug successfully fights against infectious diseases of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis organs. Experts note the effectiveness of the drug in case of gastritis or duodenal ulcer, pseudo-membranous colitis. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the drug is used after surgery to prevent various complications. It is common to prescribe the drug treatment during radiotherapy, which people with malignant tumors have.


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