Xenical (Orlistat)


Unfortunately, the number of people with obesity grows every year. According to statistics, almost half of the population is overweight. The problem causes great concern among health professionals, because obesity is not much only psychological and cosmetic pathology, because it increases the risk of occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke. Doctors urge to fight with obesity in any possible way, including exercise, diet, and even surgery.

The number of medical drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical industry for the adjustment of weights is growing every day. After all, there are a few people who are indifferent to their appearance. Of course, they are worried; begin to take various drugs which not always help them. The fact is that most overweight people continue to live their unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

All medicines for weight loss can be divided into three main groups, which may include drugs which increase the energy consumption; a means of reducing the sensation of hunger; and drugs affecting the metabolism. The latter group of drugs for weight adjustment includes diet pills Xenical.

Xenical is an analogue of the widely known and popular in the world drug called Orlistat, which is produced by the well-known firm F. Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd. (Switzerland). According to the plan of producers, Xenical prevents the absorption of parts of fats coming from food by the human body. The main impact of this drug is based on inhibition of enzyme lipase produced by the pancreas. As a result, about a third of consumed fat is excreted from the human body in its original form without any processing. If this medicine for weight loss is taken for a long time, the human body will receive less fats. In this regard, it begins to actively use internal reserves to fill the energy deficit. In the end, the person loses weight.

It should be noted that due to numerous clinical studies, Xenical is on the list of few drugs that are approved for use in the treatment of obesity. Many people find that Xenical diet pills are particularly effective when used in combination with drugs, lowering blood sugar levels. It is well known that such diseases as diabetes, is a major cause of overweight. In addition, this medicine regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, facilitates the well-being of man in case of diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis.

According to medical research, Xenical does not cause any intoxication, because it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and has an effect exclusively on the enzymes. However, people who want to lose weight while using this drug, should adjust the daily diet, without an excessive amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is impossible to lie on the couch, consuming harmful food and Xenical pills, and expect a decrease in weights. Also, be aware that when you reach the desired proportions with the help of these pills for weight adjustment, you will have to save this state in the future. It is necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle, including rational balanced diet, sufficient physical activity.

Despite the high effectiveness of Xenical, sometimes its reception may cause unpleasant side effects. Some people complain about fecal incontinence, flatulence, therefore, it is recommended to pursue a course of weight loss under the supervision of an endocrinologist. It is impossible to make an independent decision about using any drug for weight loss without consulting your doctor. Otherwise, then you will have to treat a new disease for a long time.


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