Glucophage (Metformin)



Glucophage belongs to a group of oral hypoglycemic medications. It is available in tablet form. The main active substance is metformin hydrochloride, a supporting role is played by crospovidone, magnesium stearate, corn starch, talc, etc.

Pharmacological action

We can say the following about work of Glucophage, not paying attention to chemical reaction. The drug reduces concentration of glucose in the blood to people with diabetes. This happens because while taking the pills less glucose is actively absorbed. Moreover the drug helps to reduce “bad” cholesterol, while it does not change the number of lipoproteins in the blood. All of this keeps the weight of the person on the spot (that is, the patient gains some weight), and even contributes to its decline. By the way, Glucophage is often used as a mean of struggle against excess weight. The drug provokes the oxidation of fatty acids, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, but most importantly, it reduces the sensitivity of receptors to insulin, which is the main culprit for the increase of fat in the body.


The dosage of the medication is determined by a physician and in a strictly individual manner. The important role in determining the dosage is played by the level of glucose in the blood of the patient. However, most therapy begins with a daily dose of 500-1000 mg. Maximum daily dose is 3 grams. Usually the course of treatment is 10-15 days.

Indications for use

Spectrum of diseases, for which the drug is assigned, is small – diabetes of the second type in the case that nutrition is ineffective. It is known that Glucophage is used in the treatment of people with polycystic ovarian syndrome, nonalcoholic fatty liver and premature puberty.


But there are a lot of restrictions on the use of Glucophage. Among the main contraindications there are diabetic ketoacidosis, precoma and coma, liver and kidney diseases. The drug is not prescribed in the case of dehydration (diarrhea, vomiting), serious infectious diseases, fever. In addition, the doctors forbid to use the drug in case shock, sepsis, cardiac or respiratory failure, myocardial infarction. Surgery and trauma, alcoholism, acute alcohol poisoning, lactic acidosis, compliance with a hypo-caloric diet are also contraindications. Particular attention should be paid to the following fact. Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t take Glucophage. The instruction reminds us that old people (over 60 years) are also not recommended to take the medication.

Side effects

People who have intolerance to the components of the drug may experience nausea, vomiting, metallic taste, patients may have skin rashes, lost appetite, stomach ache, you may experience diarrhea, bloating. Such effects often occur very early in the therapeutic course. Moreover, those, who tolerate all the ingredients of the drug, may also experience such side effects.


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