Meridia (Sibutramine)



The treatment with Meridia – Sibutramine is usually prescribed in the presence of alimentary obesity when your body mass index (BMI) is at least 30, with ineffective ways of treatment by other methods and means for weight loss. The reception of Meridia helps to reduce the amount of food consumed due to occurrence of feeling of saturation.

Did you know that

The drug Meridia acts is such a way: there are so-called “centers of saturation” in the brain and meridian acts on them. After taking the drug there is a feeling of constant satiety. In the first days the amount of the eaten food may be reduced in two or three times, respectively, you gradually begin to lose weight.

In addition, Meridia increases the consumption of energy by the body. The increase in power consumption also makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of a reduced body weight for a long time.

In addition to the main actions of decrease and long-term maintenance of required body weight, Meridia leads to normalization of triglycerides, lipoproteins, glucose, C-peptide, cholesterol, glycated hemoglobin and uric acid. The drug regulates the process of food consumption, the eaten products are fully digested, and excess sugar and fats are deposited in the body.

The manufacturer of “Meridia” is Firm, AG knoll (Knoll AG, 67008 Ludwigshafen Germany), which is a solid pharmaceutical company, its products undergo stringent checks and are certified.

Meridia had tried more than 20 000 volunteers before the drug was approved for mass production and sale.

The effectiveness of Meridia is 3-5 times higher than using a strict diet and exercise. Meridia promotes long-term maintenance of the required weight of the mass and prevents it re-set. The effectiveness of the product is 86% while reducing the body weight by 5% and 54% while reducing the body mass by more than 10%.

You should take Meridia in such a way: the initial dose is one capsule (10 mg) per day, regardless of meals. It does not make sense to take the drug less than 3 months. Short-term receiving of the drug for several days is not effective enough. If within the first four weeks the weight loss will be less than 2 kg, then the dose can be increased to 15 mg per day. In the case of regular administration of meridian, your body weight may be maximally reduced within 6 months and with continued treatment it will be long-term maintained at this level. In severe cases, it is prescribed for continuous use. Usually Meridia is well tolerated.

You may increase the effectiveness of treatment and enhance the effect of the drug using a 30-minute daily physical activity and diet.

Who should not use Meridia, and what precautions do you need to follow during the appointment?

Contraindications for assignment of Meridia are severe violations of the liver and kidneys, also some chronic diseases. You may need a dosage adjustment when administered simultaneously with certain medications. We must remember that Meridia is a drug, not a food additive. It cannot be assigned independently, and must be taken only on the advice of a doctor.

What side effects may occur when taking Meridia?

Meridia is well tolerated, including long-term use and serious side effects causes. Clinical experiences with more than three million patients worldwide confirmed that Meridia is safe and well tolerated. Side effects are mild and of a temporary nature, do not usually require discontinuation of treatment. However, the manufacturer warns of possible individual reactions: dryness in the mouth, loss of appetite, delayed stool and insomnia, increased blood pressure by 1-3 mm Hg, increase in heart rate of 3-7 beats per minute, nausea, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, headaches, dizziness, paresthesia, the appearance of feelings of anxiety, sweating, taste disturbance. Usually these side effects do not require full withdrawal of the drug.

Meridia – Sibutramine is a powerful drug, so you should take drug should under the supervision of a physician.


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