Diflucan (Fluconazole)



Diflucan is a medication of a new class and innovative way of combating fungi of different nature. Diflucan is part of a component with pronounced antibiotic effects of fluconazole. This substance inhibits vital processes of fungal microorganisms, thereby causing their death. It should be noted that the drug has no effect on women’s hormonal balance. The performance impact of the active substance fluconazole was tested for various variations of fungal infections. A special performance was obtained in the treatment of opportunistic mycoses caused by Candida spp.

The cases in which the drug is used

Based on clinical studies and opinions of doctors, Diflucan proved to be the best way of treating:

  • the most common affliction of candidiasis in the genital area, (acute, recurrent yeast infections); preventive actions to significantly reduce the frequency of recurrence of thrush (more than 3 cases per year); and in case the disease of fungal etiology that causes inflammation of the prepuce and glans penis (balanitis);
  • inflammation of the mucous of the oral cavity and pharynx provoked by fungi of the genus Candida including normal state and depressed functioning of the immune system; to prevent oropharyngeal fungal infection caused by fungi of the genus Candida in patients with AIDS.
  • an infectious disease caused by a yeast-Cryptococcus neoformations, including cryptococcal meningitis and lesions in other locations (lungs, derma), including patients with healthy immune system, and AIDS patients, patients with transplanted organs and other subtypes of immunodeficiency;
  • in case of fungi of the genus Candida, with disseminated fungal infection triggered by other variations of invasive Candida infection;
  • as a preventive means of addressing the problem of fungal infections in patients with defective tumors after cytotoxic chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • fungal diseases of the dermis, feet, body, genital area, chromophytosis, psoriasis, onychomycosis and candidal skin lesions;
  • heavy endemic mycosis in patients with normalization immunity in case of coccidioidomycosis, paracoccidioidomycosis, sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis.

Therapeutic application circuit

Antifungal medication in the form of capsules and in a suspension is administered orally, intravenous infusion is taken intravenously. According to the official recommendations, the treatment with triazole antifungal remedy Diflucan is allowed to start before obtaining the tests of inoculation and other clinical procedures. But the scheme of anti-infective therapy should be adjusted after the results of tests and clinical trials.

Daily dosage is determined based on the nature and severity of fungal lesions. In cases of thrush it is quite effective to take the drug one time a day. In case of fungal infection, which requires duplication of intake of medication, therapy continues to complete removal of the external or clinically significant symptoms of fungal infection. In case of recurrent oropharyngeal candidiasis, AIDS and cryptococcal meningitis, you should hold supportive treatment in order to avoid the recurrence of fungal infection.

Contraindications to receiving the current medication

Do not receive Diflucan together with cisapride, terfenadine, and astemizole. Also, do not receive the above medication in case of hypersensitivity to the main acting component of the drug, as well as to relatives on structure of substances.

Antifungal drug Diflucan is forbidden to receive during the period of gestation, except the cases, when fungal infection can pose a threat to the fetus, and there are much more possible benefits from taking medication than the alleged danger. In case of lactation it is also recommended to suspend therapy medication from getting fluconazole in the milk in that quantity in the blood.

Patients with the following forms of disorders should refrain from therapy according to the anti-fungal medication:

  • distinct ailments of the liver;
  • the appearance of rashes after the 1st use of the medication;
  • the appearance of bubbles, anabrosis and erythema.

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